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TST (Tuesday’s Ride with Jim)

I’m at the Tahuya-Seaback-Tahuya Road Race near the Olympic Peninsula. It’s April, 2001. It’s misting cold rain. Jim is not here. My heart aches and it’s because I miss him. It’s been more than four years since I last saw my brother. I called everyone. No one knows where he’s at. Somewhere in the world […]


Sherry Jim and I are at a party. It’s a warm Florida evening in 1989. I’m about to develop a lifelong fascination for a skillset Jim has that I will never attain. We are with a dozen friends in an oak grove near the Suwannee River. The canopy is tinged by the light of a […]

Tuesday’s ride with Jim

(Writer’s note: Tuesday’s ride with Jim appeared each Tuesday, published to the OBRA list starting in October of 2012.) Part One Brother Jim reads this Friday evening: From: To: Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2012 09:41:59 -0700 Subject: [OBRA Chat] OBRA ROCKS! This weekend the world of OBRA has FIVE Cyclocross races around for […]

USADA’s testosterone test isn’t working

Being the best cyclist in North America is like being the best hitter in minor league baseball: you’re not a household name but you’re definitely going places. In 2009 Tom Zirbel was that guy. Friends said he was ambitious, loyal, grounded. He was the National Race Calendar champion and the runner-up at the national time […]